September 21, 2023

Decline from the Greyhound Racing Industry

The greyhound racing market is in severe decline because the public notice the cruelty and dying that’s an natural some of it but that has been stored well hidden for many years. As attendances at races disappear and stadiums close lower because of financial pressures, the is anxiously doing all it may to draw in new punters. They’re advertising in media and offering all sorts of temptations like free drinks and free race cards, at no charge meals. They’re targeting companies to encourage them to get their office parties in a night in the dogs. Stag nights, hen nights, each one is valid targets on their behalf. They’re also claiming they have cleared up their act and also the atrocities which have been introduced in to the open in recent occasions through the media aren’t now part of their business.

Do not believe any one of their claims the dogs continue to be suffering and dying just like they also have. How can it be otherwise? What exactly are they going related to the a large number of greyhounds that achieve the finish of the racing career each year? They will explain that the dogs visit good homes and live happily ever after but where are these homes originating from? Anybody that has ever attempted to obtain any animal right into a sanctuary knows that they’re always full with lengthy waiting lists. They cannot find homes for that dogs they have without adding a large number of ex-racing greyhounds requiring homes.

The may also attempt to refute our claims that greyhounds suffer on the massive scale by suggesting they take care of their dogs mainly because it’s to their benefit to do this they need their dog to become healthy and fit in order that it can win races. At least they’re acknowledging here their problem is of the commercial nature, however they avoid the reality that we’re making entirely by saying this. We’re not claiming they don’t give their dogs sufficient care although they’re within the racing kennels what we should are attempting to provide public attention is exactly what transpires with the dogs once they leave the relative safety of individuals kennels, when they’re unable to race to supply money for his or her proprietors due to age or injuries when they’re no more a practical focal point in the company.

We’ve not yet even pointed out the worst, most disgusting thing about this whole issue. The vast over breeding of greyhound young puppies mainly in Ireland to provide the relatively few dogs needed through the racing industry every year. It’s believed that 30000 to 40000 young puppies are created every year to exchange the 4000 approximately that leave the tracks and visit a mystery fate. What goes on towards the surplus? Many will not possess the chase instinct and become wiped out in a couple of days old. Others will chase try not to result in the needed standard plus they too is going to be “discarded”. Many will be sent off and away to The country along with other countries which have minimal or no animal welfare standards. In the finish of this sifting out is going to be left the 4000 that finish on the tracks in England and Ireland, until everybody stop being lucrative for his or her greedy proprietors, so the cycle continues.