November 30, 2023

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s Journey to Commercialization

Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is a company that is focused on developing and producing alkaline fuel cell power systems. These heat and power systems fueled by alkaline are fit for residential, commercial, and industrial markets globally. What comes with the increase of CO2 emissions is the rising awareness of the population about the environment. Many and many are becoming aware of the environmental concerns that the world is facing, thus, the demand for clean energy is growing. The Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is addressing that demand and aims to support the European Union’s commitment which is to achieve zero pollution and reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

The company, Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is developing new power units with an objective to commercialize them. The commercialization of these units is the solution to the gap in the growing market of clean energy sources. The power units are called the Micro-CHP or micro-combined heat and power system that is being built within a 4kW system. With that being said, it is a low-cost yet high efficient unit.

Milestones to commercialization
Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is reaching its milestones in its journey towards commercialization. Here is what they are envisioning to happen over the coming months:

– The company is intending to apply for six patents with its new technology.
– Their prototype system is expected to be completed by March 2022.
– The first full 4kW system completion is expected by end of 2022.
– Accreditation and installation of the 4kW system are anticipated by end of June 2023.
– Commercialization of the new system is aimed to be achieved by end of 2024.